Welcome to Guildist: Connecting Professionals and Managing Events

Guildist along with our SmartBand will help you expand your professional network, while acting as an ice-breaker by providing you with a common platform to strike a conversation with a familiar stranger.

Attend Networking Events

Are you a business professional seeking to hire new employees? An employment seeker wanting to share profiles? OR, just interested in networking events to expand your business or social network?

We provide you with an array of events to choose from fitting your interests and schedule. You can check where your friends are going or find a different place to meet with new like-minded people.



Exchanging Business Profiles with a Handshake

A lot of people to meet but no time? We reduce the problem to as simple gesture as a handshake. Our application lets you to create a profile to share at networking events and our SmartBand exchanges them with a handshake.

You will able to see the profiles of all the people you shook hands with on our application installed in your phone. You can use the saved time for enhanced conversation with same spirited invitees.

Get Detailed Exposure to Wider Network

Are you shy around people? find it hard to start a conversation? Thus, Have no network of people? We can break the ice for you by providing you with a as much information as you need to start a conversation collected with your handshake.

Our application will search the shared information from phone’s database collected by sharing the profiles and give you with a match based on common behavioral characteristics like interests and hobbies.



Reducing words to handshake

Our SmartBand technology would require you to scan your band in a certain range with other user’s band, hence a handshake. Your band stores your assigned user ID, which will be passed onto the app on the phone of the person you are shaking hands with and extract their shared profile for you to see.

Resting the Power

Resting the power in user’s hands

Our application respects the user’s privacy by letting them decide what they want to share and who they want to share it with. Also, you can add your own events to inform the people in your circle rather than sending each one of them a separate invitation, thus reducing your work.

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Quality Product

Product of Extensive Research

Guildist is product of extensive research and administration that required detailed documentation along with focused implementation of hardware and software modules. We are focused on continuous improvement based on through testing done on android platforms with variety of people.

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  • Our profile page lets you share your skills, experience and any projects you have finished or are working on along with your hard worked accomplishments.
  • This feature keeps you informed about the new networking events of your interest around you and the ones that your friends are going to.
  • Connections will show you a list of all the people you have recently shook hands with to allow the access to their profiles as well as the people you follow.
  • This allows you the security of privacy by letting people to request you for following your business card that holds your contact information.
  • This features lets you add any of your events coming up to inform the all people you are in contact and saves you the time of sending separate invitations.
  • Our showcase features help you in letting the other invitees know yours reasons for exchanging the business profiles and your expectations from it.
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Company behind Guildist

Epitome Technologies was founded by Gurjot Singh Atwal and Veekunth Arora in September 2013. Our Canada based company aims to benchmark the application market.

We believe in great innovations but also in setting guidelines for various systems of society by reaching out ones in need as much as we can.

Our Team

Gurjot Singh AtwalFounder & CEO of Guildist

Gurjot Singh Atwal

Founder & CEO of Guildist

Gurjot Singh Atwal was born on February 1st, 1992 in India and did his high school there. Moving Canada for his higher studies and studying at Simon Fraser University for Computer Engineering, he has experience as an IT Specialist and Web Developer. Driven and hard working as an entrepreneur, he co -founded Epitome Technologies.

Veekunth Arora

CTO of Guildist

Veekunth Arora was born on July 21st, 1987 and did his high school and bachelors in India. He later shifted to Leicester, UK for Masters at University of Leicester. He is a mathematics aficionado and has been teaching calculus to students for 10 years now. Passionate about IT since early age, he co-founded the Epitome Technologies.

Veekunth AroraCTO of Guildist
  • Testimonial
    “I believe in failing repeatedly with my ideas until there is no scope for further improvement and then implementing them into an undeniably good reality.”
    Gurjot Singh AtwalFounder & CEO of Guildist
  • Testimonial
    I believe in imparting the knowledge and good I have to the ones in need, thus making the world an educated web with unlimited opportunities for growth.”
    Veekunth Arora / CTO of Guildist

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